Contact Info

Contact Info

For speaking or media requests for authors or grandmothers, contact:

Email: Beth Bowers

Tel: +1 (888) 203-9990, ext 301


For the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in Canada, Australia, and the UK, contact:

Email: Sarah Dopp

Tel: +1 (888) 203-9990, ext 222


To contact the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign US:

Email: Deb Matheson

Tel: +1 (888) 412-0225

Book Events
If you would like to host a book event in your community, we can support you to make it happen! In some instances, we may be able to provide a speaker. To discuss further, please be in touch with Sarah Dopp at

Book Clubs
Many book clubs and grandmothers groups have chosen Powered by Love to read and discuss as a group. To facilitate this process, we have put together some suggested questions and resources.

Download a copy of the Book Club PDF

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Additional Resources

Book Launches

There were 42 book launches across Canada between Oct 11th and Nov 9th and each one of them was, indeed, powered by love. Over 3,000 grandmothers, grandothers, and community members heard directly from 20 African grandmothers and staff leading community-based organizations in Africa, each of them experts on the frontlines of the HIV & AIDS pandemic in their communities. Thousands of books were sold. Powered by Love was listed by CBC as one of the best-selling non-fiction book in Canada for two weeks in a row!

For photos and videos of the book launches, please see our Facebook page at:

Our African guests shared that the book meant many things to them. They spoke of the importance of having their stories and voices documented in their own words, their pride in having their own versions of their realities told by them. Both the grandmothers and staff from our partner organizations spoke about using the book as an advocacy tool at home – particularly because it also included the story of the Canadian movement, which would alert officials in their countries to the international dimension of the awareness of and support for their efforts. Every grandmother shared passionately about how their grandchildren and great-grandchildren would have a “living legacy.” At the moment in history, when catastrophe struck and changed the course of the African continent, their grandchildren would know what they experienced, and more importantly, what they had done! Each and every grandmother declared that this was “her” book and the book of every grandmother in her community. We hope you feel the same.



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